There are countless articles and books written about leadership and how to be a great leader so it seems too simple to boil it down to an equation. But Dr Martyn Newman has done just that. His work on integrating how you identify the key competences in terms of wellbeing and emotional intelligence has lead him to come up with an equation. He proposes that leadership potential is the sum of your cognitive ability (IQ) plus your technical knowledge (TQ), times your emotional intelligence (EQ). So (IQ+TQ) x EQ= leadership potential. I must admit that I have a healthy scepticism for psychometric tests; having done my fair share over the years they only ever tell me what I already knew. But that’s the point isn’t it? It’s the opportunity to look in the mirror and see what others see.

When I took this test recently I was impressed by it’s accuracy and the conversations and thinking it prompted in terms of my leadership style; how it has developed and matured as I have gained experience, knowledge and a little bit of wisdom.   I was fortunate to have three days in the company of other leadership coaches, to reflect and learn more about my own emotional intelligence helping me to reframe, rebalance and refocus. Having time to think is not a luxury, it makes us more effective and emotionally resilient. So what will you do in 2018 to support your emotional health and wellbeing so you can be an effective leader?