“The coaching session really made me reflect, and be honest with myself, about which direction I feel my career may need to take. Choice between easy/harder (unknown) options. My thoughts became clearer during the session and my feelings changed in a positive way because I felt happier that I knew what I wanted.”

“I wanted to say thank you for supporting me through the coaching sessions. I was successful in an application for an AD post recently and the work that we did through the coaching really helped me to move to a position where I felt ready to apply.”

“Anne coached me over three months. I was a bit lost in regard to knowing where my steps should take me. Anne helped me look at the whole picture and myself with clarity – which enabled me to see more confidently my gifts and strengths in order to move into my next phase and employment.” ex- Head teacher

“Anne is extremely professional with a calm and measured approach who puts people at ease so that their best thinking can take place. I was really pleased with the approach and the way that Anne facilitated the session. So much so that I am applying the Time to Think principles in parts of the Organisational Development Programme for Trafford Council.” Angela Beadsworth, Acting Head of Workforce and Core Strategy

“Thank you very much for an enjoyable CPD experience. I especially valued the time given to experimenting with live issues which made me consider issues beyond the focus of holding meetings. It made me reflect upon how bottom-up teacher agency could potentially be an extremely powerful tool for school improvement, given the right set-up and cultural norms established in the Thinking Council.” Chris Ruddy, Head of Humanities

“Prior to the course, as a new middle leader, I had no expectations or preconceptions. However, as a course designed to challenge, develop and transform my thoughts on and ability to plan and organize meetings, my needs and expectations have been far surpassed. Needs were met that I had not even recognized as needs. The ideas and techniques were challenging at times but that they served to allow us to tackle challenging ideas and topics in great depth – something incredibly valuable. Thank you for giving me (us) the benefit of your skills and experience.” Tam Heeley-Cregan, Literacy Lead, David Nieper Academy

“The sessions exceeded my expectations. Though I was looking forward to engaging with new theoretical concepts relevant to my role, I was dubious about 6 hours’ worth of CPD based around holding meetings! However, the time was filled really well with meaningful discussion and activities which for the most part I will be able to implement in order improve the quality of meetings held within the Humanities Faculty here at David Nieper Academy.” Chris Ruddy, Head of Humanities