Organisational Change

Change is an inevitable consequence of the world we live in today.  All organisations need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to their environment to survive and be successful but change is unsettling and requires time and resources, which is often in short supply.  From initial ideas to next steps I can work with you and your teams to manage change effectively.  I will design a programme to suit your needs and resources. For more information please contact me.

Group Facilitation

There are times when you, your team or organisation would benefit from external help in running a meeting or workshop. As an experienced facilitator, I can move an idea on, deal with competing views, manage differing expectations and help you achieve your goals by ensuring  participants feel energised, enthused and are treated with dignity and respect.

I will provide a safe space for your teams to do their best thinking and come up with creative and effective solutions.

It can be delivered as part of wider programme of change management which will include skills and tools for managing effective meetings and getting the best from from your team.

Coaching in a Thinking Environment©

Coaching and mentoring in a Thinking Environment is a bespoke programme which will transform the way you work as an organisation making you more effective and efficient.  The people in your organisation will feel valued and successful; they will collaborate, challenge and manage conflict well so that the organisation achieves the results it needs. For more information click here.