The ability to achieve any sense of calm and serenity is severely tested at this time of year and we all have our own ways of finding a little bit of  peace and quiet.  Dag Hammearskjold,  was a Swedish career diplomat, economist, author and the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, from April 1953 until his death September 1961.  As a poet he captured the essence of what it is to be a good leader; someone who has the emotional intelligence and sensitivity to know when and how to be firm; to be respectful whilst being  authentic  to himself (simpler) and to encourage and appreciate others (warmer).   There is a real wisdom in knowing that being quiet, or  be the last one to speak   demonstrates a profound curiosity about what others may want to say. His success as a diplomat in bringing peace and stability across many continents,  even when making himself unpopular with world leaders is testament to his ability to be firm, authentic and listen. What qualities do you need to nurture to allow you to grow and be your best?