August is traditionally the time to relax, refresh and regroup and that includes me, so this post is brief, to the point and still has a playlist specially curated for you.  This month it’s a full 30 minutes.  I hope you like it, if you do, please share it with family, friends and colleagues.


Look what popped into my inbox this week.  Shortlisting takes place on 7th September.  Watch this space!

I’m also delighted that my daughter, Amy Birch, PhD is joining me as an Associate.  She will be guess editing next month’s Newsletter and you can check out her profile here.

Coming soon

A Podcast series.  Working title, ‘We, Me’ where I interview inspirational professional women and fellow contributors to the book ‘I Am A Woman Who’.  Focussing on resilience which is one thing that they all have in common.


Make August the month that you book a chat and find out how I can help develop your resilience.  For the first five that book before the end of the month you will get access to the Resilient Leaders Elements tool and a 60-minute coaching session all for a special price of £99.

Have a great August and look out for the September Newsletter.